Succulents/Lotus Flower Beeswax Candles


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With having such a deep love and respect for nature it was a given for Seapoint Chandlers to come up with an idea for creating a beautiful flower to represent nurture, peace and the essence of the beauty of nature. One day I was in a florist in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and one of the clerks said, “Why don’t you make a candle from this succulent”? I said, “What a great idea”! With a lot of trial, error and success two years and a few months later we finally were able to create these beautiful 100% beeswax candles from making the molds out of the real thing.

The Seapoint Succulents also resemble and have been interpreted to be the lotus flowers which make this such a great creation! These original-design sustainable candles offer the beauty of a botanical without the fuss of watering! What could be better?

The Seapoint Succulents come in a set of 3 with two small botanicals and one large. The burn time is approximately 5 hours for the small and 10 hours for the large.

These beautiful trios are available in our Botanical Trio which includes our hues of greens(mossy rock, kelp, dusty miller), our Woodland Trio(vanilla, sea oats, kelp) and our Highland Trio(vanilla, beach berry, kelp) and we offer a trio of our vanilla as well. Please visit the link below to view our color chart

These sets look so beautiful when placed on a rectangle plate with rocks, in a vase or on wood with moss. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Beach Berry, Botanical, Coastal Trio, Dusty Miller, Fog, Forest, Green Hues, Grey-Hues, Highland, Kelp, Mist, Moonless Night, Mossy Rock, Plum Bark, Ruby Red, Sea Coast Trio, Sea Foam, Sea Glass, Sea Oats, Sea Scape Trio, Seacoast Trio, Ultramarine, Vanilla, Winter Sky, Woodland


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