Coastal Starfish Beeswax Candles – Set of 3


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The idea of creating our Seapoint Coastal Collection was inspired by my beloved mother who is an artist and holds a deep love for the ocean and all its creatures.  The Seapoint Starfish was the first creation of the Coastal Collection and it is still the favorite of the entire collection.  People are connected with the resilience of the starfish and the idea of being able to create a sustainable, beautiful 100% beeswax candle from this creature has proven to be a great one!

We offer our Seapoint Starfish in a set of three boxed ready to gift for any occasion.   Our Seapoint Starfish have all the tiny details of the real thing. Plus, the hollow center created when you burn your starfish down makes a perfect opportunity to repurpose them as taper holders!

The Seapoint Starfish are available in three different custom color trios.  The Coastal Trio(vanilla, mist, sea foam), The Sea Coast Trio(vanilla, sea oats, sea foam) and The Sea Scape Trio(vanilla, moonless night, and fog).  The starfish measure approximately 5 inches wide and the burn time is 5 hours for each starfish.  To ensure optimal burn time and candle performance one must trim the wick to ¼ inch and after 3 hours of burning it is a good idea to allow the candle to rest, if you will, as beeswax candles burn the hottest of all waxes.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Beach Berry, Beach Glass, Blue Hues, Botanical, cement, Coastal Trio, Dusty Miller, Dusty Miller, Terra Cotta, Mossy Rock, Dusty Miller, Vanilla, Mossy Rock, Fog, Forest, Green Hues, Grey-Hues, Highland, Kelp, Mist, Moonless Night, Moonless Night, Terra Cotta, Wintersky, Moonless Night,Sea Oats, Terra Cotta, Mossy Rock, Mossy Rock, Winter sky, Terra Cotta, Mossy Rock, Winter Sky, Vanilla, mossyrock,vanilla,wintersky, Multi, Ocean's View Trio, Plum Bark, Ruby Red, Ruby Red, Vanilla, Ultramarine, Sea Coast Trio, Sea Foam, Sea Foam, Mist, Vanilla, Sea Glass, Sea Oats, Sea Oats, Sea Foam, Vanilla, Sea Oats, Vanilla, Dusty Miller, Sea Oats,Vanilla, Sea Glass, Sea Scape Trio, Seacoast Trio, Sunflower, Terra Cotta, Terracotta, Sea Oats, Dusty Miller, Turquoise, Ultramarine, Ultramarine, Ruby Red, Vanilla, Ultramarine, Vanilla, Sea Oats, Ultramarine,Vanilla,Winter Sky, Vanilla, White Wash, Winter Sky, Winter Sky, Dusty Miller, Terra Cotta, Winter Sky, Vanilla, Dusty Miller, Winter Sky, Vanilla, Fog, Woodland


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