About Us

It all started in March of 2012. I was successfully working in the retail industry for Michael Kors in the deep south but did not feel fulfilled with my work and needed a change. I decided to take a leap of faith and move to the quaint coastal town of Kittery Point, Maine. I wanted to venture out on my own as a small business owner, so I purchased a candle company, and the dream began. Formerly Bartram’s Beeswax Candles, I renamed the company Seapoint Chandlers.

I had never made a candle before purchasing the company and after many hours of training it became very natural to me, and I discovered how much I loved it. I have had many ventures in my life and have tried many different areas of work and this one just clicked. 

My vision for Seapoint Chandlers was to be more than just offering pillar candles and tapers. I wanted to create original ideas for candles that were meaningful, aesthetically beautiful, and functional with a long-lasting burn time. 

I have always had a deep connection with water and have lived near some form of water everywhere I end up. I have also always had a love for rocks and when I visited the coast of Maine it was the perfect idea for me to make rock candles. I learned how to make candle molds and my collections began.

All my collections include original handmade pieces from nature, industrial, local and artists abroad that I then made into molds which became my candles and candle holders that I offer. 

I use only natural ingredients made from nature using 100% beeswax, cotton wicks, natural dyes, and essential oils. Being close to nature is essential for healthy living and with my products you can experience that, and my hope is to bring happiness to your home, friends, and family.